Window Replacements

When searching for quality window installers, there are several important aspects to keep in mind:

  • Experienced: One of the biggest deciding factors as to what window installers you should hire is how much experience they have. More experienced companies can help ensure the installation process goes smoothly.

  • Collaborative: While experience is important, you also want a company that respects you, the client. Many companies may not be willing to listen to your concerns or work with you on your window installation. As such, it’s important to find individuals who are willing to treat you with respect.

  • Helpful: Your window installers should be able to answer any questions you may have on the process and should be willing to guide you throughout.

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Is It Time For A Window Replacement?

You Feel A Draft

If you windows are cool to the touch in colder temperatures, or hot to the touch in warmer temperatures, it may be time to consider a window replacement.

Image by Chloe Ridgway

Old Window Panes

Your windows play a major part in the aesthetic appeal of your home. If the glass looks stained or worn, then it can cause the overall value of your property to decrease.

Many old homes have single pane glass windows, which offer no insulation. You are also missing out in sound reduction and energy savings.

Image by Florencia Potter

Aged Windows

If you have an older home with original windows still installed on the home you may be experiencing issues such as poor window operation, condensation and decaying frames. 

It may be time to say out with the old and in with the new, and give your home a makeover with window replacements.


Average Cost To Replace Windows

Price and Scope of Work Are Cited By The "Remodeling 2020 Cost Vs. Value Report" found at


Replace 10 existing 3x5-foot double-hung windows with insulated, low-E, simulated-divided-light vinyl windows with a custom-color exterior finish. Trim exterior to match existing; do not disturb existing interior trim.